Need Something To Do Tuesday?



Science isn't the sort of thing most people think of as funny. Chalk it up to poor science education, but jokes about the law of the conservation of momentum or the reactive properties of sulphur have the dusty odor of the arcane.

Today from 7-8:30 p.m., the Boise State University Special Events Center will host Talk Nerdy to Me: Boise's Best Stand-Up Comedy. It's free and features local comedians including TJ Wharry, Ryan Noak, Chad Heft, Sean Peabody and Heath Harmison. Oh, and the host is Story Story Late-Night's Emma Arnold. The common thread of their comedy routines? Science.

The event is presented by the BSU Summer Research Community, which facilitates networking between students, faculty, researchers and the community around science, engineering, the social sciences and academic research.