Need Something To Do Saturday?



Sometimes it seems like all we ever talk about is community building in Boise: this or that hole downtown is being filled with a skyscraper, check out this new all-ages music venue—isn't this great?...

With all the local activity it can be easy to forget that someone, somewhere has a vision for this place.

One of those someones is United Vision For Idaho. Today, that organization presents Community Progressive III, a free cascade of events at Julia Davis Park featuring food trucks, vendors, nonprofits, musicians, workshops, raffles and more.

The Progressive takes place from 10 a.m.-9 p.m. and includes Foodlandia, a forum for food trucks like Archie's Place, St. Lawrence Gridiron, Boise Fry Company and Pie Hole; an Outdoor Market Place featuring art, jewelry and crafts; workshops on a range of issues in the Treasure Valley community; and two stages—the Gene Harris Bandshell and the Beer Garden Stage—for music by Stone Seed, New Transit, Soul Patch, Emily Tipton and many more.