i48 Announces Winners of 2013 Short Film Competition


A genre, a prop, a character, a line of dialogue and 48 hours. That's all the 39 teams entering this year's i48 competition had to work with to produce a three-to-six minute short film. Entries from previous years have included everything from a glimpse at a post-apocalyptic Boise to a man consumed by the dilemma of whether or not to shave his beard.

"One thing that really impresses me about the teams is that they get better and better every year," said organizer Andrew Ellis about this year's entries. "The quality has been excellent."

Over the last 10 years, i48 has pulled in an array of creatives, ranging from absolute novices just discovering which way to point the camera, up to industry professionals with years of experience behind the lens. Even kids are settling into the director's chair, with Lewis and Clark Middle School fielding a team for a fifth year, something event organizers hope will inspire other Boise schools to sign up and allow i48 to feature a fully fledged School Division in 2014.

This year also saw the addition of a "remake" option, allowing teams to have another go at a film from a previous year's competition. The team Birthday Problem took on the challenge of remaking their previous entry, Big Mister Whiskers' Great Adventure, a favorite from 2012 featuring a kitten on the hunt for pizza in Boise. For the remake, the team substituted the live animals for humans in costume. The film also managed to snag Boise Weekly's Best Use of Boise Award, which was presented at a Best Of screening at the Egyptian Theatre June 16.

In the Novice category, Fairweather Films' That Is My Art, starring Keith Eastman, took Best Film, Best Actor and Best Sound/Music. Wanda Crowley won Best Actress for her turn in Chocolate Chicken's Knows Picks.

The Open Category saw Travis Wright from Ravenous Schnitzel take Best Actor for the film Cooper and Steele, while Kristy Leigh Lussier from Bumblebird won Best Actress for Short Fuse. Idolness Films nabbed Best Film for its entry, Arcadea.