Need Something To Do Friday?



As kids, we think history is just a bunch of names and dates. As we get older, it's a source of heroes and a detour into reality when we're tired of reading fiction.

Opening today at 7 p.m. at the Visual Arts Collective is an exhibition of new works by Bryan Anthony Moore titled Unnatural History, which calls into question the things we think we know about the past.

"Both paleontology and American history often deal with times so far removed from experience that they've become fabled times of myth, which various groups edit or mythologize at will," Anthony wrote in an artist's statement.

To combat mythology and special interests, Anthony's work features intricate and realistic drawings of historical figures' heads juxtaposed atop the necks of dinosaurs and other ancient animals.

The exhibition opening is free to attend for those 21 and older. The exhibit runs through Wednesday, July 31.