EDM Fridays: Transcession Studios and Glitch in the System



For a genre that thrives on in-person musical experiences, Electronic Dance Music can often be overlooked on the radio waves. But despite that, some Boise EDM-ers are working hard to promote awareness and spread the musical love.

Jeremy and Joshua Kangior created their own EDM label/production company in 2012 called Transcession Studios.

“My goal is to get the studio to provide all of our artists with enough opportunities to enhance their career,” said Jeremy.

Transcession Studios handles music distribution, event production, booking and promotion. The Kangior brothers invest a lot of time into their artists, located in the Northwest and Europe. All of the company's Boise artists make appearances on local radio shows and at clubs. The company also has an online radio show and does guest appearances on Glitch in the System on Radio Boise, 89.9 FM.

“My show focuses on music that doesn’t sound crisp and clean,” said Psycache, founder of Radio Boise's Glitch in the System. “I like making music out of something that’s not music.”

On the constant look for his bass fish, Psycache plays local talent like Reflektion, Just Some Clown, Nightbot, Kissee and Skye Walker. Psycache hunts down and even creates some of his own broken beat tunes for the show, focusing on the low end or the punch of the broken beat, bass-heavy genre. Glitch in the System celebrated its two year anniversary April 11 with its 100th episode.

  • Cheyenne Geiger