Need Something To Do Friday?



Albert Camus' themes of otherness and estrangement are as relevant as ever, and his brilliance at showing the true distance between people has been a major step in our understanding of society.

Today from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Yanke Family Research Park at Boise State University, Raymond Gay-Crosier, professor emeritus at the University of Florida, will deliver a keynote address at a colloquium commemorating the 100th year of Camus' birth.

His talk, titled "Exiled in a Spiritual Geography: Albert Camus’s Road to Values," traces Camus' travels around the world—from Athens to South America—exploring the effect his excursions had on his thought and writing.

The talk is free to attend, as are a host of other Camus-related events as part of Boise State's colloquium, Topography and Toponymy in the Works of Albert Camus, which includes a production of Camus' play, The Misunderstanding, at the Danny Peterson Theatre at the Morrison Center, as well as numerous talks and lectures.