EDM Fridays: Future Music League Finds a Home at Fatty's


  • Jeffery Jensen

The Future Music League has helped break some barriers that Boise's Electronic Dance Music community has faced over the past two years.

"We have put EDM into a very mainstream area of downtown and succeeded in introducing people to music they might not have heard otherwise. I can't say we have had the biggest impact, overall, but there have been many, many advances in the Boise EDM community over the last two years," said FML owner Jeffrey Jensen.

Hosted at Fatty’s on Eighth and Idaho streets, FML has become a regular Thursday night event. Put on by Jensen and new partner Greg Frisch, FML brings diverse bass and house beats, drawing out EDMers clad in tutus, bright clothes and LED hula-hoops.

With 12 years of experience in the EDM scene, Jensen developed the FML brand to bring a weekly EDM event to Boise.

"Most bar managers told me that, 'That techno crap wouldn't make it in this town,'" said Jensen, “I wouldn't want FML Thursdays to be anywhere else."

FML Thursdays brings regional talent such as DJ Flave from Seattle, Pete Spinning from California and local regulars such as Reflektion, Freddy Sin and Nightbot. Local DJ and co-owner of Transcession Studios Jeremy Kangior, a.k.a. Nightbot, plays about once a month. Nightbot is captivated by the clean, loud, 16,000 watt sound system at FML Thursdays.

"I like to test my new tracks on his speakers to make sure all the levels sound right. If not, I go back and change some things. If it sounds acceptable, I'll play it during my set to see how the crowd takes it," said Kangior.

Fatty’s brings in DJs from a variety of EDM subgenres. Nightbot’s sets range from deep house to acid techno. Other DJs such as Freddy Sin and Reflektion play more bass, trap and mid tempo, amongst other subgenres.

“All in all, FML Thursday has put Future Music League on the map, brought it from a pipe dream to a reality and continues to lead us in the direction we want to go,” said Jensen.