Roger Ebert, Film Critic and Co-Revolutionary?


Legendary film critic Roger Ebert died April 4. To commemorate him BW put out our standard call for memorial haikus.

But we also found this amazing behind the scenes footage of Ebert and his original TV co-host Gene Siskel.

It's hard to tell what the best part is: Ebert being a mega-dick, or Siskel's conspiracy rant about Protestants and his encouraging the studio crew to band together and start a revolution.

Haikus and the video are below. Any additional haikus can be left in the comment box.

Justin Nyquist:
I like good movies;
Ebert liked them too I think;
He gets two thumbs up

Karen Toronjo
Celluloid dreams
to infinity and beyond
fade to black

Jacob Good:
Roger Ebert's dead
But now can once again say
Siskel my old friend!