This is the End Could Be the Best Worst Movie of The Summer



Though a trailer for the new post-apoclyptic comedy, This is the End, starring a number of Freaks and Geeks alumni, was published on the suspicion-arousing date April 1, it does have a website, an IMDB page and a release date. Plus it appears to be part of a different April Fool's joke.

I'm choosing to take the bait and believe that this movie—in which Judd Apatow's crew of actors, including Seth Rogan, James Franco and Craig Robinson, all play themselves dealing with the apocalypse after a party at Franco's house—is the real deal.

What do they have to deal with? A rowdy Michael Cera and an axe-wielding Emma Watson, for starters. And then something that looks like a dinosaur that comes from space.

Stockpile your oregano-colored tobacco for this one.

The trailer is below.