Treefort Q&A: Sage Francis On Love, Burritos and Touring


Sage Francis plays the Reef as part of Treefort 2013, early March 22.
  • Andrew Crisp
  • Sage Francis plays the Reef early March 22 as part of Treefort 2013.

Hours before he filled the Reef to capacity on the first evening of Treefort Music Fest, Boise Weekly caught up with Providence, R.I., rapper Sage Francis to talk about love, food and the road.

Francis slid into a booth at the Record Exchange following his 5 p.m. in-store performance.

Q: What made you decide to tour again?

SF: A home life just did not develop. I had a relationship for a very long time, the last one was six years long. When that ended, it wasn't on a horrible note, but for where I'm at in my life, I realized, "Wow, I gotta start over somehow with someone or just give up on the whole idea."

Q: Do your relationships inform your songwriting?

SF: I think there's no escaping that. I think it's always been in my music, even when things were good. I had a lot of breakup songs where the first girl I was with seriously was for four years, and that was during a really important part of my devleopment as an artist and as a young adult. ... My career developed from that. That was literally the beginning of me branching off into the stuff I do now.

Q: That was the beginning?

SF: It broke me open in a way where, part of me just doesn't give a fuck anymore. From that point on, it just was like, why should I care what anyone else thinks? Here's my truth. A lot of people have to hold back that truth because of constraints from family or loved ones, or for cultural reasons, all things I don't have. And that's my strength. I believe that's always been my strength.

Q: So here's an easier question. What'd you have for dinner?

SF: I ate at the Reef. I had a Tex-Mex, veggie, black bean burrito with some spicy shit.

Q: Where are you going between now and your performance?

SF: [Treefort artist] B. Dolan drove through the night from Montana to get us here. I think I have to get him back to the hotel so he can finally get some sleep.