Boise Band A Seasonal Disguise to Drop Special Treefort Split EP



Though chamber-pop champs A Seasonal Disguise are easily one of Boise's most talented bands, with approximately 87 people involved, it's a somewhat rare treat to catch them live.

But for Treefort, this weekend, attendees will have more than just a chance to see the band; they'll get a new special-release split EP.

The title of the collection is Magnitizdat, and it features two new songs from A Seasonal Disguise, as well as two songs from new act Darling Rollercoaster, which features members of A Seasonal Disguise.

CDs and tapes of Magnitizdat will be available exclusively from members of the band at Treefort. The band's bass player, Josh Shapel, told BW that members will be carrying copies around starting Thursday, March 21, but that the best way to get your own is at the band's 10 p.m. showcase on Saturday at Pengilly's.

A Seasonal Disguise also released a cryptic video trailer, which can be seen below.

Shapel insists the muscles depicted can be developed from playing keyboards. We're guessing that's probably BS.

Check it out below.

[ Video is no longer available. ]