The Thermals Dish their Expectations for Treefort



While at SXSW, BW caught up with "Pre-Portlandia" Portland rockers, The Thermals. The band was careful to make the distinction between the two time periods.

"From before the hype," said frontman Hutch Harris.

The Thermals haven't been back to Idaho for a few years, as they've been busy working on their new record. Which has turned out to be more eventful than planned: The studio the band chose ended up being directly in the path of Superstorm Sandy, and The Thermals ended up spending several days holed up with their producer having singalongs to pass the time.

The Thermals told BW that Treefort has been getting positive reviews at home and the band is excited about it—in large part because it isn't likely to be as pretentious as festivals in cities that have festivals regularly.

"It won't be like be like, 'Oh, here's another festival because it's Tuesday,'" said Harris.

See the complete interview below.

The Thermals play the Linen Building at midnight, on Friday, March 22.

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