Need Something To Do Sunday?



Among the holidays, Thanksgiving has a unique advantage: It's always on a Thursday. Halloween, Christmas and (ahem) St. Patrick's Day are all painfully tied to dates, rather than days. Today—St. Patrick's Day—is Sunday, and that means you have work tomorrow and can't be hung up with a hangover. What to do?

The answer is to ignore the threat of a headache and stomach on tip toes and compete in gelande quaffing!

For the uninitiated, gelande quaffing is a competitive drinking game in which teams slide full beers across a countertop, scoring points for catching the beer and style.

The competition starts at 1 p.m. at R Bar. Gelande Quaffing is a sport for two, so bring a partner and $40 for team registration, dress up or down, depending on your mood—costumes will be rewarded—and prepare to get splashed with beer and have a rip-roaring St. Patty's Day.