Bill Carman's Work Makes a Strong Showing at Brumfield's Gallery


A new exhibit of artist Bill Carmans work opened at Brumfields Gallery March 15.
  • Andrew Crisp
  • A new exhibit of artist Bill Carman's work opened at Brumfield's Gallery March 15.

Though the opening of Bill Carman's newest exhibition took place on Saturday, with St. Patrick's Day revelers already imbibing green beer across the street, the showing was clearly well attended.

Groups poured into Brumfield's Gallery in Hyde Park to catch Carman's first Boise show in three years. Boise Weekly caught up with Carman and some of his New York and Los Angeles fans prior to the opening. On display were more than two dozen new works by the prolific Boise artist.

In a small anteroom, Carman greeted both his Boise State students and fans as they asked questions and peered at the numerous pieces hung on the white walls. The small room was cozy enough for visitors to circle through the items on display, then turn to Carman and ask a question.

In one corner, humor shone through in meticulous illustrations focused on Batman and the Hulk, both suffering from physical ailments. The Caped Crusader, disheveled and whiskered, sported one drooping, black ear. Hulk, meanwhile, stood with his muscles turned to goo and skin hanging loose from his body.

Judging by the number of red dots on the name tags of his paintings, the sales were strong as well. Carman's work remains on display through April 28.

Carmans new exhibition drew a large group on March 15.
  • Andrew Crisp
  • Carman's new exhibition drew a large group on March 15.