Sun Valley Film Festival: Table Read Of Hilarious, Sexy Script Kicks Off Festival


Will McCormack, with his (often) screenwriting partner Rashida Jones.
  • Will McCormack, with his (often) screenwriting partner Rashida Jones.

Some of the funniest and freshest dialogue I've heard in years launched the Sun Valley Film Festival March 14. Too bad that not a frame of the script has been turned into film yet. Mark my words: It will.

"It's very risque," said Teddy Grennan, executive director and founder of SVFF. "But it's a lot of fun."

Boise Weekly wouldn't want to give away too much of a work in progress, but suffice to say that it includes puppets, pandas, a lot of sex (the human variety) and a big surprise.

The screenplay, We Are Puppets, is the masterwork of actor-screenwriter (with a huge accent on the screenwriting) Will McCormack, who crafted the pilot for what will surely become a series on pay cable. McCormack hosted a unique "table read," not unlike a sit-down run-through with a full cast. Indeed, McCormack's characters were played by a superb cast of actors.

"I was honestly afraid that there might be more people on stage for this thing than in the audience," said Grennan.

But he needn't have worried. It was a full house at Ketchum's NexStage Theatre, with a good number of budding screenwriters in attendance.

"How many screenwriters are here?" asked McCormack. About two dozen hands went into the air. "How many writers are here?" About three dozen hands went up.

And the writers were an appreciative lot, greeting the table read with huge laughter and robust applause.

McCormack, the scribe who co-wrote last year's hit Celeste and Jesse Forever, was pretty satisfied when the event was over. When Boise Weekly caught up with him later on the streets of Ketchum, he was still beaming. He had good reason.