Slideshow: Inaugural Boise Beardsmen Competition Packs Red Room


Winner Luke Tichinin poses with his girlfriend, Christine Wherry.
  • Jessica Johnson
  • Winner Luke Tichinin poses with his girlfriend, Christine Wherry.

The Boise Beardsmen's inaugural Beard and Mustache Competition got pretty hairy March 9. The Red Room was at capacity around 9 p.m. as the competition fired up. The line for the bar was three people deep all around, and there whole space was packed shoulder-to-shoulder.

Hirsute competitors traveled from Spokane, Wash., Salt Lake City and Portland, Ore. to compete in the part-competition, part-fundraiser for the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline. The categories for the night were: Full Beard, Full Beard Groomed, Partial Beard, Moustache, Freestyle Beard and Whiskerina (lady beard).

Every man sported his best and weirdest facial hair, and the whiskerina’s went all out with beards made of grapes, leaves and Julia Green’s winning pizza beard, which was made from felt.

Competitors were invited on stage in groups of five based on their registration number and then asked individually to show off their beards. The crowd cheered as each person stepped forward, then the judges made their decision for each category.

Luke Tichinin from Portland, Ore. won Best Full Beard and Best Overall Beard, and had the crowd in an uproar yelling for a speech.

“I’ve been so great the past year because of this woman,” said Tichinin, pointing to his girlfriend, Christine Wherry offstage.

The crowd went crazy. Tichinin said that, ultimately, his goal was to propose to his girlfriend that night.

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