EDM Friday: Rubicon 7 Open Sold-Out Tiesto Show Tonight


  • Jordan Loyd Photography via Facebook.com

Covered in streamers, palm trees and paper umbrellas, China Blue successfully made its dance floor and stage setup feel like a large venue for its Glow Party March 2.

"But let’s not forget the whole reason for this, it’s the music. I’ve had this vision for China for a few years now," said Nicol Young, general manager at China Blue.

China Blue hosted local DJ Reflektion, and headliners Shy Guy Says, R/D and Bass Science. The DJs were surrounded by lights, lasers, girls in mascot panda heads, go-go girls and stage props. The neon crowd flooded the dance floor and upstairs. It was a smooth pregame for this past eventful week for EDMers.

Minnesota killed it March 6; FML Thursdays at Fatty's highlighted the downtown scene March 7; tonight, Friday, March 8, Rubicon 7 will open for Tiesto at a sold-out show at the Revolution Concert House; and BeatfreQ II featuring DJ Dan will take over Knitting Factory Saturday, March 9.

Boise Weekly sat down with Tiesto openers, Rubicon 7, to talk about tonight's show.

Rubicon 7 is made up of Miami transplants Elizabeth Thompson and Brandon Scott. The duo balance each other out, allowing their music to blend the lines of trance, house and progressive.

"Neither one of us would be truly complete if we didn't have this musical outlet, so our music is that point of no return—having crossed the Rubicon—into the wonderful unknown that makes us complete," said Scott.

Thompson's loud, rough sounds level out Scott's precise and measured ones, creating an unmistakable style. Other artists have flocked to Rubicon 7's music, creating popular remixes. One of the group's most recent singles, "You Fall Down," was supported by Markus Schulz on his Global DJ Broadcast. Rubicon also did a collaboration with Boise DJ/producer Devin Throngard (aka Deeveaux) that was picked up for the soundtrack of Cherien Dabis' May in The Summer, which debuted at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

Rubicon 7 will drop a new track, "Triton," which was created specifically for tonight's show, as well as a remix of Gold Top's single "Uh Oh."

"Our main goal, though, is to help set the stage for a great night of music and kick off what is certainly one of the biggest events for EDM in Boise this year," said Scott.