Life-Size Oscar Award Crashes Boise Co-op Red Carpet Party


Devin Koski, left, evoked the posture of an Oscar statuette in a photo with his wife Linda Whittig.
  • Andrew Crisp
  • Devin Koski, left, evokes the posture of an Oscar statuette in a photo with his wife, Linda Whittig.

Before the Oscars kick off this evening, visitors to the Boise Co-op Wine Shop were greeted with a trip to Hollywood Friday and Saturday, courtesy of a red carpet event set up by staff.

To commemorate the Academy Awards, wine shop staff set up a small television to broadcast past Oscar-winning films, including The Great Escape and Paper Moon. Near the back of the store, past the "Christopher Walk-in" cooler, a best costume contest drew well-dressed patrons to a photo opportunity with a makeshift golden statuette.

A cat-shaped bottle of Zeller Schwarze Katz German riesling, spray-painted gold, was cradled by contestants dressed in tuxedos and formal-wear.

Near 5:30 p.m., a real, life-size version of Oscar himself walked into the wine shop to ecstatic staff and other patrons. Devin Koski, sporting a tight gold bodysuit and golden makeup, posed for a photo with his wife, Linda Whittig.

"We're pretty sure we're strong contenders," said Koski.

Organizers said pictures of costumed contestants will be uploaded to the Boise Co-op Facebook page, where users can vote for the winner.