George Lucas's Daughter and Her Robot Will Kick the Shit Out of You



People think I'm nuts when I go on and on about the rise of robots. But here they are taking jobs from hard-working boxers on SyFy's new show, Robot Combat League, a full-hour series of bots beating the bejeezus out of one another while pro wrestler Chris Jericho plays the part of tough-guy host.

However, instead of Hugh Jackman controlling the robots, like in Real Steel, they have George Lucas's daughter—who apparently is a pro MMA fighter and, from the looks of her "guns," not one you'd ever want to face in the ring—at the joystick, which is a sort of arm-coating exoskeleton.

People who remember the lameness of the show Battle Bots will be pleasantly surprised. These aren't Roombas playing bumper cars with one another, but bipedal punching bots straight out of Forbidden Planet or the original Battlestar Galactica-era sci-fi.

Just remember, it's all fun and games until someone loses an electric ocular light-sensor.