Kanak Attack Moves into Woman of Steel Space in Garden City


Kanak Attacks pork and other eats move to Garden City.

After a year slinging Kalua pork and other Hawaiian eats at the Powerhouse Event Center, former Ono Hawaiian Cafe chef-owner Michael Mohica wants to get in on the event-hosting business. He decided to move Kanak Attack Katering to a new dedicated space in the Woman of Steel building in Garden City.

"We needed a bigger kitchen just for the volume of catering that we do," explained Mohica. "We have to remodel this kitchen, so it’s bigger than where we were at the Powerhouse."

Mohica made the move to 3640 W. Chinden Blvd. in December, and said that the new location would allow for a more consistent schedule of events. In addition to his lineup of catering bookings, Mohica also plans to open the space up for cocktail parties, rehearsal dinners and other events.

When the weather gets warmer, the Kanak Attack food truck will be parked out front, which will likely be before the end of February.

"The food truck will be open for lunch, Tuesday through Friday, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.," he said.

Mohica said events in the Kanak space will be smaller parties, ranging from groups of 30-70 people. He doesn't plan to host concerts or shows, nor does he plan to open a restaurant in the space. Mohica formerly owned Ono Hawaiian Cafe on Broadway Avenue before he decided to focus on catering.

"I just love catering and that's what we're sticking with. Our food truck is to try and fill that void that people were craving from our restaurant. We're going to be all over town, but when we don't have a specific location, we'll be here with the food truck," he said.

Because the kitchen is so large, Mohica said the bakers at Guru Donuts will use part of his commercial kitchen to create their donuts beginning in late February.

"We decided we’re going to open it up for smaller caterers and food trucks that can’t afford to get their own place," said Mohica. "So in our down seasons, we’ll have more space, other small caterers and bakers can lease either time slots or space whenever they need it."

Mohica said he wanted to create something along the lines of the University of Idaho's Food Technology Center, where upstart food makers can craft their products without investing in their own commercial kitchen. Asked about the price of rental, he said, "Everything is negotiable."

"It just depends on the people's needs," Mohica said.