John Nemeth Plucks Boise's Strings at the Egyptian Theatre



You don't have to love barbecue, the blues or be a Motown expert to love John Nemeth, who played a supernova set at the Egyptian Theatre Feb. 16. You just have to enjoy a big stage act full of showmanship and plenty of musical virtuosity.

If there's a word that describes Nemeth's performance, it's "polished." The band, which included two drummers, two guitarists, a bassist and Nemeth on harmonica and vocals, was well-versed in its set and hugely charismatic—attributes that resonated with the audience.

A small crowd of dancers flocked to the stage and boogied to the hip-shaking beats, while seated attendees clapped and whistled. They soaked it up because everyone in the theater knew that Boise wasn't just another stop on Nemeth's tour; it's his hometown.

Nemeth's act was bright and buoyant, and he gleefully babbled to his audience. His most extravagant overture was inviting 12-year-old guitarist Zack Quintana to play with the band.

Preceding the main act was Boise's local swing band Frim Fram 4, of which Nemeth is an alum. The group delivered a high-energy performance that, with its own glossy veneer and wizardry from pianist Andrew Cortens, set the evening's pace.