Scenes From a Scene #060—Krystos



Boise thrash-metal band Krystos is a mess of contradictions. The band will headline Knitting Factory one night and the next, then play to eight drunks in leather vests in a dive bar at 1 a.m. with just as much enthusiasm. The band's name is almost unknown in the local music scene, and yet it has gotten several European tour offers. Its tunes are arguably the most metal thing in the area, and yet its frontman Billy Thornock is, like, way into Adele.

But that's part of what makes the band great. It's as polished and precise as kung fu, yet as raw and aggressive as a drunken haymaker.

Boise Weekly caught up with Krystos at a recent performance at Red Room for the latest episode of Scenes From a Scene.

Check it out below.