Need Something To Do Thursday?



You blew it again. Valentine's Day rolled around and you didn't get her flowers and failed miserably to make a reservation at her favorite Boise eatery. You spaced the whole thing.

Fortunately, we have a game plan to get you out of the dog house. Right after work, tell her to meet you at the Library at Hillcrest to watch Always, the 1989 romantic film starring Richard Dreyfuss, John Goodman and Holly Hunter.

Always is the tale of a risk-taking pilot (Dreyfuss), who works dumping flame retardant on forest fires and is in love with his radio operator, Dorinda (Hunter). When he dies in an accident, he returns as a ghost to guide his successor pilot (Goodman), only to discover that his protege has fallen for Dorinda.

For her, it has central themes of romance and the transcendental power of love in a rugged setting. For you, it has planes, plane crashes and firefighting, which are all awesome.

The show is free and starts at 6 p.m., which buys you time to dream up what you're going to do next.