Boise Farmers Market to Debut April 6 at 11th and Front Streets


The Boise Farmers Market will open for business Saturday, Apr. 6.
  • Marco Mazzoni
  • The Boise Farmers Market will open for business Saturday, April 6, in the parking lot at 11th and Front streets.

On Saturday, April 6, the Boise Farmers Market, comprised of vendors who recently split with the Capital City Public Market, will set up shop in a parking lot at the corner of 11th and Front streets.

"All of the farmers know that selling downtown is a critical part of their business. So we wanted to stay in the downtown core of Boise to better meet our customers' needs," said Janie Burns of Meadowlark Farm, acting president of the Boise Farmers Market.

The market will run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and market vendors will occupy the north half of the parking lot, with the south half available for parking.

A group of 25 vendors has signed up to take part in the market April 6, and Burns expects more will sign up, as well. Every Saturday through October, the Boise Farmers Market will offer produce and goods with a local focus, including Homestead Natural Foods, The Jelly Lady, Triangle C Ranch, Rice Family Farms and others.

"We have a lease from April through October," Burns said. "After that, we’ll be looking for an indoor location that will help accomodate the holiday food buyers and our regular clientele."

Burns said BFM contracted with Republic Parking rather than find a solution with the City of Boise to occupy a portion of the streets already blocked off during the CCPM.

"We would have been happy to work with the city had we found something doable, but this is a good opportunity for us, as well," said Burns. "In some ways its easier, because we just have to control a parking lot instead of controlling a street."