'Jesus' Defeated by Hilarious Hitchhiker Carrying a Hatchet



People say, "Don't pick up hitchhikers." Especially if they're weirdos carrying hatchets. But ignoring that advice is how the hilarious story below starts. But everything turns out OK because the hitchhiker who later cleaved the driver's head in with his hatchet is the good guy. Really.

How so?

Because the driver announced that he was a child-rapist, that he was Jesus, and then started running people over. The hitchhiker, "Kai, straight out of Dogtown," then went after him with the hatchet, saving several people from "Jesus."

How was the experience?

"That was like the biggest wave I ever rode in my life," Kai told Fresno TV news in the most hilarious, bizarre and expletive-filled post-murder interview ever.

And if the original story isn't bizarre enough, check out the auto-tuned description of Kai "smashing" him in the head with the hatchet here.

Check it out below.