Excision Brings 4D EDM Experience to Knitting Factory



Excision mastermind Jeff Abel didn't let the diverse Boise crowd down Feb. 5.

He played a consistently bass-heavy set at Knitting Factory featuring a wide range of EDM—everything from dubstep to trap to drum and bass.

“Now, it looks like Boise likes to go crazy,” Abel said.

The crowd ranged from ravers to bros, from pre-teens to those over 40. Glow sticks, LED gloves and flashing LED mouthpieces were abundant, as the audience threw fists, banged heads and crowd surfed. In fact, more than half a dozen crowd-surfers were removed by bouncers almost as quickly as they were raised up.

Excision's stage setup was colossal. The Canadian producer sat in what looked like a Darth Vader-meets-Optimus Prime mask with a screen that slid up and down. Abel used this mask to produce a smooth, high-tech visual experience for his fans during the song transitions.

Excision's CGI visuals matched the aggressive nature of his music. There were car races, mechanical T.rexes, robots and one-eyed creatures. The crowd watched naked women mannequin dance to a remix of Jibbs' “Chain Hang Low” and skulls during “Headbanga." Excision combined his visuals with smoke and snow to make the concert a truly 4D experience.

Unfortunately, the bass wasn't as “soul-shattering” as previous reviews have raved. And it didn’t feel like there were 100,000 watts of sound, like the tour marketed.

“Whose ready for one more fucking track?” Excision asked at the end of the night.

He played a three-song encore and ended the show before midnight.