Video: Puppets Come to Life in Boise Contemporary Theater's A Nighttime Survival Guide


At the center of Boise Contemporary Theater's newest play, A Nighttime Survival Guide, are two 11-year-olds confronting monsters both real and imaginary.

Some of those monsters take the shape of Yokai, supernatural beings of Japanese folklore, imagined by Boise artist Bill Carman and turned into large, colorful puppets on stage.

While the actors, dancers and puppeteers choreograph the play ahead of opening night Wednesday, Jan. 30, the monsters themselves are taking shape, ready to come to life.

Boise Weekly caught up with BCT writing and directing duo Matthew Cameron Clark and Dwayne Blackaller for the Jan. 30, issue, but before that hits stands, catch Clark's rundown of A Nighttime Survival Guide in this video teaser.

[ Video is no longer available. ]