Scenes From a Scene #058—Bone Dance


Boise band Bone Dance during a performance.
  • Bone Dance
  • Boise band Bone Dance performs live.

In 2012, Boise hardcore band Bone Dance launched two separate tours, dropped a new album and played numerous shows in its hometown.

If Bone Dance isn't the hardest working band in Boise, it's damn close.

The quintet is comprised of guitarists Kasey Richardson and Phillip Davis, bassist Bryce Kresge, drummer Patrick Santana and gravely vocalist Morgan Mechling.

The band self-released its Snakecharmers EP prior to the debut of its self-titled LP, which was released in October. The group is known for letting spittle and projectiles fly during its raucous live shows.

You can get a taste of Bone Dance in the latest installment of Boise Weekly's original video series, Scenes From a Scene.

[ Video is no longer available. ]