Your Flashlight App is Tracking You



Thanks to things like smartphones and social networking, privacy issues are a daily concern. And while you may be patting yourself on the back for locking down the new privacy settings on your Facebook account, you might not know that your flashlight app could be tracking your location.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University recently released a study looking at what information about you the top 100 apps in Google's Android app store collect. According to a story published online at, more than half of the apps collect personal information.

But it's not just Google Maps that wants to know where you are. Among the "worst offenders" of data collection is the Brightest Flashlight app because, apparently, it needs to know your location in order to turn on a light.

Other surprising data collectors include:

• Angry Birds

• Backgrounds HD Wallpapers


• Horoscope

• Shazam music

Check out the full list online, as well as why people surveyed about the data collection seem to feel better about it when they know what the app developers are doing with their personal info.

Of course, you could always just adjust the settings on your smartphone and tell the app people to mind their own business.