New Boise 150 Video Features Locals Struggling to Pronounce Sesquicentennial



Sporting a mouthful of syllables, the word "sesquicentennial" refers to the 150th anniversary of a significant event. In 2013, it describes the birthday of the City of Trees, officially 150 years old Sunday, July 7.

To celebrate, the Boise City Department of Arts and History launched the Boise 150 program, opened the downtown Sesqui-Shop storefront at 1008 W. Main St. and planned a year's worth of events.

The Boise 150 team also released a short video featuring a melange of Boiseans attempting to spit out the word "sesquicentennial."

More than a few flub the pronunciation, including some pint-sized contributors, as well as a man who converts the word to a string of german characters. Have a look below.