New Album from Boise Band Gayze Now Available Online



Boise band Gayze released its debut recording, Black Soul, Dec. 29 with a special performance at Red Room. The garage-rock supergroup features members of Boise bands Teens, Art Fad and Deaf Kid.

The EP, put out by Bleeding Gold Records, features seven tracks of raw, verbed-out garage worship in the veins of all the bands it features members of. The album was made available for download Jan. 7 via Bandcamp.

The accompanying press release claims that Black Soul was "recorded in a secluded 1930s haunted house and with a serious lack of professional equipment." Both assertions can be clearly heard via ghostly notes lost and found in the swirls of reverb that douse the entire EP.

That same press release also claims Black Soul is a "motorcycle ride through the desert to a secret party that is part Hell’s Angels gathering, part psychedelic be-in." That isn't quite as obvious after a cursory listen.

Black Soul can be downloaded for free via Bandcamp here, or streamed below.