Boisean Builds Tiny House For $11,000


Macy Miller in her tiny house. - INHABITAT.COM
  • Macy Miller in her tiny house.

Small is the new big. Small phones, lighter cars, less clutter, government, national debt—it's all the rage, which is why after her divorce, Idaho architect Macy Miller decided to downsize into a smaller home.

And we're not talking about moving from a house with a big back yard to a smaller house with a smaller back yard: Miller went from a 2,500-square-foot four-bedroom, three-bath house to building a 200-square-foot home for her and her Great Dane. All it cost her was 18 months of work, $11,000 and a broken back.

"I had a minor injury—or some might call it a major injury. Yeah, I did break my back. I'm a klutz and I fell off the roof, and it was because I was being incredibly stupid," Miller told National Public Radio

Other than sustaining a potentially crippling injury, the most difficult parts of the project were wiring the tiny home's electrical system, which she had a licensed electrician double check before she flipped on the lights; installing a compost toilet and getting her tiny shower up and running. 

The payoff: "The space is laid out in a way that I have a living room, I have a bedroom, I have a kitchen, I have a bathroom. They all function; none of them feels cramped," she said.