Boise's 2012 Time Capsule



Here we are, staring down the barrel of a whole new year. And there's a lot to look back on. Perhaps everyone was just trying to cram things in before "the world ended," but 2012 was a busy year. The hole got filled, gays got legal protections, some ding dong wrote about Nickelback, John McGee got arrested a lot, and so so so much more.

But out of all those events, what really mattered? What would we want the Boiseans of the future to know about?

We asked our ever helpful readers for local artifacts from 2012 they would put in a time capsule. There were dozens of suggestions.

Some of the greatest hits included:

Jennifer Miesbach: "Picture of the hole in the ground downtown before construction began, so people of the future can appreciate how long we had to look at that mess."

Mason Johnson: "Treefort wristbands."

Matt Bergstrom: "A copy of Luna's failed education reform laws."

Adnan Muminovic: "A collection of the craziest bumper stickers from the campaign season. It would make for amazing social commentary in the future."

Tricia Keller Cook: "Best of 2012 issue of Boise Weekly. A menu from Brick Oven Bistro. A Flying Pie Menuzine."

Yvette Wechsler Sedlewicz: "Ultrasound Probe."

Amy Wilkins Nichols: "The butterfly that was stolen [from the statue in front of the Women's and Children's Alliance]."

Joel Myers: "Bath salts."

Carrie Bridges: "A copy of the 'letters to the editor' section from the Idaho Statesman. Any day will do in order to showcase the idiocy of Idaho's finest." (Editor's Note: If that's the goal, we'd suggest the day seven people wrote in to complain that The Family Circus was canceled, which we here at BW rank just behind Hitler and Michael Bay on the list of threats to America.)

No one said anything about the stolen bikes from The Exergy Tour, the Mayan Calendar, a $35 million bill to the Idaho Legislature for Medicaid or the mummified body of Cratey, the murdered patas monkey at Zoo Boise.

The complete thread can be read here.