Snoop Lion Drops New Single, "Lighters Up"


Snoop Lion drops Lighters Up.
  • Snoop Lion just dropped "Lighters Up."

Snoop Dogg won't release his new reggae album under his new name, Snoop Lion, until early 2013.

But in the meantime, Snoop has already released two tracks from the forthcoming Reincarnated, "Here Comes the King" and "La La La," which gave listeners an early taste of his post-rap game.

Now comes "Lighters Up," released to iTunes Dec. 18, which has even more Bob Marley influence than the previous two songs.

If you prefer Snoop's "Gin and Juice" over the new focus, the original Snoop Dogg returns to Idaho tonight, Thursday, Dec. 20, at the Revolution Concert House and Event Center.