Need Something To Do Tuesday?



Children who grew up in the 1970s have begun to have children of their own, and now a generation of parents is wrestling with a fundamental parenting question: How do you introduce your children to Star Wars?

Some parents are purists, shielding their young from episodes I through III, which are widely considered to be of lesser quality than episodes IV through VI. Others are content to allow Jar Jar Binks into their children's lives as long as he wins hearts for the beloved movie franchise.

Writer Jonathan Waters wrote a 30-minute play about all six episodes geared specifically for children. That play, put on by Theatre Sans Limites—comprised of actors Ben Hamill and Kevin Labrum, and director Kim Sherman-Labrum—is being presented at 6:30 p.m. at the Ada Community Library's Victory branch.

Admission is FREE, and attendees young and old alike are encouraged to come in costume.