Need Something To Do Monday?



Small is the new big. Smartphones pack more punch in your pocket than their vacuum tube predecessors could in warehouses full of beeping, blinking analog hardware; and local banks are gaining more street cred than their Wall Street counterparts.

The world of small things is getting its day in the sun.

The same applies to production designer Gregg Gibbs, who cut his teeth on films like The Devil and Daniel Johnston, House of 1000 Corpses and Blade Runner. His latest project, a documentary, is about John Edward Mermis, a collector of pop ephemera and manager of a low-budget indie record company that has churned out 750 albums by more than 550 groups.

The film is called The Treasures of Long Gone John, and it's playing for free at the Red Room at 9 p.m., courtesy of the Evil Wine invasion film series.