Need Something To Do Sunday?



The circus is becoming a lost form of entertainment. The smell of elephant dung rising from the center stage, peanuts in red-and-white-striped paper bags and circular tents are sources of childhood memories eerily relegated to what feels like a bygone age.

Well, the circus is back in town, sort of, but it has just gotten a little smaller. If you're in the mood for some physical comedy and a huge load of cuteness, there's the Popovich Comedy Pet Theater, which performs at the Morrison Center at 2 p.m.

Gregory Popovich has traveled the country raiding animal shelters for the most talented animals he could find. He then trained them to perform circus tricks. His cast of more than 30 animals includes dogs, cats, rats and even geese, which jump through hoops, back-flip and perform all manner of tricks and gimmicks.

Tickets are $14.50-$29.50.