Merry Christmas: Here's a New Album from Demoni


Demoni will release its new album at Punk Monday on Christmas Eve.
  • Demoni will release it's new album at Punk Monday on Monday, Dec. 24.

Boise psychobilly band Demoni has a Christmas gift for you: a new album called Surf City of the Dead.

The band will be releasing the new CD at Punk Monday on—wait for it, wait for it—Christmas Eve. 'Cause what says Christmas cheer like PBR and psychobilly?

The six-song album represents a big shift for the band as it is tossing out a lot of its earlier sound to focus entirely on instrumental surf music in the vein of The Ventures. It is also the first album that Demoni has recorded with its new bass player, Ethan Davis, formerly of Boise band Robbed Ether.

"I wanted to put their last one out; I wanted to put a couple of them out," said Levi Poppke, owner of 1332 Records, which will be releasing Surf City of the Dead. "They always had somebody else shopping around for them, but we were finally able to hook up on one, and I'm pretty excited about it."

Surf City of the Dead will be available in CD format at the show and should be available as a download shortly after. No word yet on if it will also be released on vinyl.

The show starts at 9 p.m. and costs $3 to get in or $5 with a copy of the CD. The Meatballs and another band yet to be announced will open.

Demoni's last album, Day of Demoni, can be heard below.