The Knife to Drop New Album, Shaking the Habitual, April 9


One member of The Knife onstage.
  • Olof Dreijer of The Knife performs onstage.

Swedish electronic musicians The Knife aren't known for being forthcoming. The band boycotts awards ceremonies it is being honored at, rarely gives interviews, and refused to perform live in its early years. When the brother-sister duo finally consented to perform, they did so in masks.

That's the sort of BS you can get away with after recording genre- and zeitgeist-defining albums like Deep Cuts (2003) and Silent Shout (2006).

However, the band hasn't put out any new original material since then. Seven years have come and gone with only live albums and side-projects.

That's why the press release in our inbox this morning was so titilating. The Knife has a new album, Shaking the Habitual, that will be released Tuesday, April 9.

The band even released a teaser to YouTube. However, in typical fashion, it reveals as close to nothing as is possible.