Need Something To Do Friday?



Heavy metal is in your blood. And not just any heavy metal: old-school, Ozzy-and-Randy, face-melting heavy metal. We can smell it.

If you're a metalhead who wants to support a worthy cause, check out This Is Spinal Tap, playing at 7 p.m. at the Egyptian Theatre. Tickets are $8, and all proceeds benefit Radio Boise.

For those not familiar with the mockumentary, here's the scoop: Spinal Tap is a successful heavy metal band comprised of dimwitted (though occasionally competent) musicians. A documentary crew follows the band around the country recording its shenanigans, idiocy and tiny successes.

Complete with drummers who die under mysterious circumstances and guitar amplifiers with knobs that go up to 11, the movie is an uproariously funny satire of life in a metal band.