Memorial Haikus for N. Joseph Woodland, Co-Inventor of the Barcode



You've probably never heard of N. Joseph Woodland before this moment. It's OK. We hadn't either. But the man changed the world in a huge way with the invention of the barcode, allowing far more efficiency in sales, shipping and inventory, essentially modernizing business.

The New York Times ran a very nice piece discussing Woodland's life and inspirations. You can read it here.

But at Boise Weekly, we don't do obits. We do haikus. We reached out to our staff and readers for five syllable, seven syllable, five syllable homages.

The results are below.

Josh Gross
Your legacy, sir?
You made it faster to shop
American God

Andrew Crisp

Brian Rich
"Barcode" Woodland dies
but the real question may be
was there warranty?

Josh Gross
Gov barcode tattoos
are in for 2030
dystopian chic

Brian Rich
Death of barcode guy
begs one important question
Is QR guy next?

Jen Grable

Memorial haiku for N. Joseph Woodland, inventor of the barcode, made by BWs art department.