Slideshow: BW's Look Smart SmartCard Party


Boy, do our heads hurt this morning. Our smarts are smarting, mostly because we thought we were sooooo smart at last night's Look Smart SmartCard Party at the Idaho Botanical Garden. We thought we knew exactly how much vodka we could handle and how many bacon-wrapped jalepenos from Salt Tears should be consumed in tandem.

To quote Prometheus: "We were so wrong."

But damn did we look good. And we're told it was a fabulous time, as well. There are even pictures to prove it—precious memories to fill in the holes created by precious booze.

Those of you who didn't make it will just have to get by with downloading the SmartCard from the app store and getting fantastic discounts at local restaurants that we look forward to eating at once our stomachs settle.

For a slideshow of all the fun, click here.