Wondering What to Do if You Meet the Greenbelt Cougar?


Should You Encounter a Cougar cover.
  • Jacob Stoltz
  • Should You Encounter a Cougar cover.

For a while now, Boise has been "terrorized" by the Greenbelt cougar, a fearsome beast that leaps fences, attacks dogs and disappears back into the land like a ghost.

And that has left Boise Greenbelt commuters accustomed to quick cougar takedowns by the Boise Police Department a little nervous. What should you do if you come face-to-face with this mountain lion?

A comic book by Alaska artist Jacob T. Stoltz may have your answers.

For example, his comic "Should You Encounter a Cougar," has this helpful advice:

Sample page from Should You Encounter a Cougar.

The complete book and its wisdom is available here.

Good luck. And as Stoltz says at the end of his comic, "Welcome to the food chain."