Read the Original Screenplay for Prometheus


Movie poster for the film Prometheus.
  • A movie poster for the film Prometheus.

I've always felt that the namesake alien from the Ridley Scott films was bizarrely cumbersome as a life form. What lays an egg to make a larvae that attaches to a living host to lay another egg in it to then hatch a drone that must mate with a queen that lays the original egg to reproduce ... and has acid for blood?

That's why I liked Prometheus. It made all that cumbersomeness make sense. The alien was a species designed by engineers to replace humanity. The two-phase reproductive system was intended to consume humanity. The acid for blood was just badass.

But some thought the movie was also long and boring—both things I also liked about it—and would have preferred a different tack with more exploding bosoms and less faux-mysticism.

For them, we post this. The original script for the film, which features far more evolutionarily dubious gore and far less wide-eyed inquiry into the origins of existence.

Screenwriter Jon Spaihts has confirmed it is authentic.

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