Teenage Bottlerocket Rocks the Legs Off of Red Room


Pop punk supahstah Teenage Bottlerocket found their way to Boise last night. And damn did they ever.

After a blazing opening set by locals Hotel Chelsea, who performed with the sort of fiery energy one rarely sees outside of a cocaine bender, and the best kind of drunkpunk shitshow from The Useless, who argued, broke amps, forgot songs and blamed the whole thing on "not being blackout drunk for a change," the Wyoming band took the stage, twin brothers, guitarist for The Lillingtons and all.

As soon as one song would end, the next would begin, Ramones-style. Driving blazes of down-strummed guitar and catchy shout-along choruses, with a little bit of help from a roadie with a protest sign and a demon mask. The band even dropped a cover of "Talk Dirty to Me" by Poison, but played at about 1,000 mph.

And the audience ate that shit up, shouting along and making one helluva ruckus.

MVP is awarded to the old guy in the National Guard fishing cap who freak-danced ladies in the mosh pit, stage-dived and took off his fake leg to shake at the band as a threat that they better keep the rock going. That man is a true American hero.

"Fuck, yeah, Boise," guitarist-singer Ray Carlisle said. "Why the hell haven't we ever been here before?"