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Christian Bale's stint as Batman—not unlike Daniel Craig's James Bond—is notable for its grittiness and psychological nuance. The villains, from Ra's al Ghul to the Joker, have been charismatic, ruthless and scary. Bale's performances have kept pace with their emphasis on the Dark Knight's moral compass and psychological complexity.

In the third installment of the franchise, The Dark Knight Rises, Batman faces his most daring and mysterious foe yet: Bane is as eloquent as he is deadly, and he has a plan to sack Gotham. Has the Caped Crusader met his match?

If you haven't seen the movie or are itching to see it again, Boise State University has you covered. The Dark Knight Rises will play at the BSU Special Events Center at 6:30 p.m. The event is free for BSU students and $1 for the public, and traditional theater snacks like popcorn and soda will be served for free.