Guitar Nerdery With Kristian Dunn from El Ten Eleven


In the Nov. 7 edition of Boise Weekly, BW will publish a Noise feature on Los Angeles power-duo El Ten Eleven, whose layered, electronic music is far greater than the sum of its parts: bass and drums.

And unfortunately, there wasn't room in the print piece to get too deep into how the band gets its sound. But we did ask. To start with, Kristian Dunn said he uses around a dozen different effects pedals on stage.

"There's a distortion pedal [The Boss Bluesdriver] that's pretty much always on," said Dunn. "The whammy pedal is pretty integral."

Dunn uses the combination of his double-neck guitar and those pedals to create mutilated tones he then loops with another pedal.

But what he feels doesn't get enough attention in the band's sound is the contributions of drummer Tim Fogarty.

"He has a really difficult job," said Dunn. "He has to be on. He has to come up with something creative, but he also has to concentrate really hard to be in sync with the loops."

Fogarty also uses electronic elements in his kit to play drums in melody, primarily 808 kick sounds.

"I don't think he gets as much credit as he should," said Dunn. "But I understand why. Everyone wants to know about the double-neck."

Find out what else Dunn had to say in the Wednesday, Nov. 7 paper.