Dedicated Servers Drop Another New Album, While You Were Sleeping


Dedicated Servers is making a play to be Boise's hardest working hip-hop act. The band dropped a new EP, The Finest, in February, which was only a few months after it dropped the full-length Samurai Servers in October 2011, and today, it released yet another new collection on the net: While You Were Sleeping. The title is clearly a cheap shot at other bands that sleep nights instead of obsessively recording endless amounts of new material.

The 13-track album was released direct to Web as a free download via Bandcamp, and moves the group's sound closer to the electronic beats of its early work than the jazzier backing tracks of The Finest. It also includes an entire song dedicated to the paleo diet.

But perhaps most amazingly, this new album isn't actually the band's next album, it's just a teaser.

"While You Were Sleeping is our gift to the listeners before we present our next project, which is still untitled but close to completion and filled with newly written music," the group wrote on Bandcamp.

You can stream While You Were Sleeping below or download it here.