Ghost Hunt in Idaho City, If You Dare


It's nigh on ghost season. And while for some that might mean a night wrapped tightly in a protective Snuggie armed with a tub of ice cream and a TV remote, some might prefer to get out there and spectrally mingle.

If you're so inclined, one good place to give it a shot is the Pioneer Cemetery in Idaho City.

Green lawns and gleaming marble testaments to the deceased it ain't. The sprawling grounds are comprised of a series of overgrown trails through a densely forested mountainside. Graves are spaced randomly and crudely marked, if they're marked at all. There are many half-burnt or rotting wooden signs that simply say "unknown," most likely migrant Chinese miners who died without anyone knowing their names.

Some of the graves are just patches of disturbed earth. And some of the nicer graves are surrounded by totems, children's toys and photographs—offerings left presumably by family members, or friends, but that often look as if they are actually the ruins of civilization.

By daylight, the cemetery is a giant creepshow. At night, it's downright terrifying.

If you want a sample of what it might be like to go ghost hunting there, check out of this video of BW visiting the cemetery in 2010 with members of the local chapter of the International Paranormal Reporting Group.

[ Video is no longer available. ]