David Fincher turns to Kickstarter for The Goon Adaptation


Sample image from The Goons Kickstarter campaign.
  • A sample image from The Goon's Kickstarter campaign.

After helming marquee films like Fight Club, Seven, The Social Network, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and the American remake of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, one might think director David Fincher shouldn't have much trouble getting financing to make a film.

But apparently, even the likes of Fincher get politely shown the door from backers here and there. Fincher has turned to Kickstarter for an animated feature adaptation of the cult comic hit The Goon.

With talent like Fincher, as well as voice work from Paul Giamatti and Clancy "Don't Call Me The Kurgan" Brown, it seems like an easy sell. Apparently not.

"We got 'no' from all the major studios, so we went back and reworked the budget," Tim Miller, one of the head animators told io9. "Then we started to go out again, but we were kind of waiting for David to get done with his latest film to attend some more meetings. And while we were waiting for that, Eric [Powell, the other chief animator] really got a bee in his bonnet to do a Kickstarter thing."

The campaign is aiming to raise $400,000, with perks ranging from an invitation to the private production blog to artwork from the film to private screenings.